Document Scanning and Digitising

scanning and digitisingScanning and Digitising lets you create electronic copies of paper documents that can be viewed on screen.

Once the document is in electronic form, it can be used as a means of archiving, or the information can be used in a number of ways – such as looking up an invoice number or analysing data.


Document Scanning and Digitising at DFS

DFS provide a high-security environment for document scanning. State-of-the-art machinery and highly trained staff to ensure your scanning project is executed effectively.

Our high-quality document scanners can scan anything from small items such as till receipts up to very large documents such as architectural drawings. Scans can be in either full colour or black and white. Our scanning procedures and quality control processes conform to the BIP0008 Code of Practice to ensure that electronic documents and scanned images will be accepted as evidence by the courts.

For clients using databases, we can scan your documents and create indexes to your requirements. This allows you to quickly search through your records for important documents and insight. Once scanned, your electronic images can be returned to you on CD/DVD or USB key. Also they can be made available on a secure server for viewing over the internet.


Managing Files After Scanning

After scanning the paper copies of your documents, DFS can return your files to you, store them securely on-site, or destroy them. You can find out about storing documents at DFS and our shredding services below.

Document Storage at DFS

Secure Shredding at DFS