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Cloud Storage

Having access to documents 24 hours a day is no longer a luxury – for many customers, it’s an absolute necessity to operate effectively and efficiently.

Up to 30% of all employee time is spent trying to find lost documents. For customers who want to reduce this figure and keep easy access to documents at any time, scanning and digitisation is vital. We can also securely store documents using our online cloud storage service.


Cloud Storage Options

Each business has different needs, so we offer a number of different options for customers:

  • A bulk or back scan of all your documents.
  • A selective scan of your most used documents.
  • A ‘scan on demand’ service where documents are made available as you need them.
  • A transfer of your electronic documents from another server or an upload of documents.


Cloud Storage Features

Our approach to cloud storage offers a number of useful features. These include:

  • 24/7/365 access to your documents.
  • Multiple user access for different people in your business.
  • Full text search of your documents.
  • Customisable index fields.
  • Secure backup of your data.


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