About Us

What we do

Each company is unique, and needs a different approach to managing documents. We offer a suite of services to cover your needs. We do Document Storage service, Scanning and Digitising of documents for electronic viewing, Shredding of documents, Vault Storage of important data such as DVD's, hard drives and documents and Cloud Storage too.

Our Services

Document Storage
Storing physical documents is the cornerstone of our business. We can manage the full life cycle of your documents, from creation to destruction, in secure, cost-effective storage.
Scanning & Digitising
Creating electronic copies of your documents lets you view files instantly. We offer scanning services in a safe environment with high image quality and BIP0008 Code of Practice compliance.
Disposing of documents securely helps avoid identity theft, corporate espionage and reputation damage. Find out how DFS keeps data safe in the destruction process.
Vault Storage
Vault storage can protect mission-critical data and allow for disaster recovery. Backup tapes, CDs, DVDs, hard drives, Flash drives and important paper documents can all be stored safely and securely in our vaults.
Cloud Storage
Get access to documents and data without the hassle by using cloud storage.