Pharmaceutical Records Management

Pharmaceutical records management is an increasingly-important part of the drug industry. Changes in regulatory policies and frameworks put increasing pressures upon  QC & QA staff to have rigorous record management systems and store virtual and physical records in a safe space.

We work with a number of pharmaceutical companies to develop a holistic records management system, securely storing and retaining access to physical documents through their life cycle along with high-quality scanning. Our smart approach to pharmaceutical records management will help your organisation use information wisely and comply with strict legislation.


Pharmaceutical Records Management with DFS – Key Benefits

Companies have discovered several important benefits from our pharmaceutical records management system. Here are just a few.

  • Confidentiality: Our facilities and processes conform to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards, ensuring information security on both physical and digital documents. Our File Management System also allows a full auditing trail on retrievals, requestors and other important information.
  • Better records access: whether through next-day delivery, express services or instant scanning on demand, our reliable delivery service will get you the information you need – when you need it. Individual item barcoding prevents data loss and allows easy retrieval.
  • Using information effectively: intelligent scanning and digitisation allows deep data mining and insight generation even on older records.

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