Construction Document Storage

In construction, document storage is more important than ever. Firms use older documents every day to learn from past projects, and effectively respond to any legal issues. However, the construction document storage environment is rarely ideal: documents can easily be lost or damaged , and companies often have little proper storage space available.

Document & File Storage has wide experience of construction document storage. We help some of Ireland’s leading firms to store and manage their in a cost-effective, safe way. Our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified facilities and security systems keep records safe, while scanning, destruction and retrieval services let clients actively manage their records.


Construction Document Storage – Key Benefits

Using Document & File Storage lets construction firms focus on that they do best – building – while safe in the knowledge that their records management solution is world class. Here are just a few benefits of construction document storage with us:

  • Cost-Effective: keep construction documents in an ideal environment for a fraction of the costs associated with office space.
  • Protect Intellectual Property: Barcoded box and item tracking means that your sensitive information stays confidential.
  • Access When You Need it: Document & File Storage offers next-day delivery as standard, with same day, express and scan-on-demand options available.
  • Scanning Options: Document & File Storage has the hardware and trained staff to scan documents from till receipts to architectural drawings.
  • Vault Storage: Enjoy added peace of mind from keeping mission-critical documents in secure, fireproof vaults.
  • Integrated Document Destruction: When it’s time to destroy older documents, we can manage everything.



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