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At DFS, we help a wide range of companies with their records management needs. Each company is different, with its own requirements, but some industries have an especially acute need for secure document storage services.




We work with some of Ireland’s leading construction firms to store their documents in a safe environment and manage records cost-effectively.

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Legal document storage comes with a high need for flexibility, reliability and safety. We help law firms of all sizes to manage records throughout their life cycle.

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We work with hospitals, medical centres and consultants, enabling them to keep the records that assist in  excellent patient care – and ensuring full patient confidentiality.

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As owner managers ourselves, we understand the regulatory and cost pressures of SMEs. Our storage and records management services help to address both of these.

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Changes in regulatory policies and frameworks mean that pharmaceutical companies need stringent records management, while innovations in scanning can help them glean new insight even from older documents.

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Financial Services

Customer expectations and compliance demands put financial services records managers under increasing pressure. We assist a range of companies in the sector to manage information securely and effectively.

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Find out what our clients say about us.

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