Lucy Byrne is Financial Controller and Office Manager for Tallans Solicitors, one of the largest law firms in the north east. With offices in Drogheda and Ashbourne, the company has served clients in the surrounding area for over 100 years.


At Tallans Solicitors, off-site storage is essential – there’s no way we could keep all our documents on-site. As computers and scanning became part of everyday life, we were all told that we’d have a lot less paper to manage – but of course, that hasn’t been the case. Most companies need to have a paper trail, and a computer trail too. If anything, there’s more paper created today than there ever was.


To keep our office running smoothly, we store many documents off-site. We worked with an off-site storage provider for a number of years before we came across Document & File Storage (DFS). A few reasons made us change. DFS were nearer to us, for one, and offered a better file retrieval service in a shorter timeframe than our previous provider.


Since we moved our files to DFS in 2005, they have lived up to their promises. The DFS team are great to work with and, when we have an urgent need for a file, they really deliver. I would often need files in a hurry, particularly where accounts are involved, and can count on DFS for that. There was one recent example last month where I urgently needed a document – we had it at our Drogheda office within the hour.


If a company is considering off-site storage, I’d advise them to look at the file delivery service. A good service makes a huge difference to the business. I’d also urge them to label their files correctly as they’re sending them into storage: once a file is labelled right, you’ll encounter very few problems with a good storage provider.


I am very pleased with my experience as a DFS customer, and am happy to recommend them.



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