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At DFS, we help a wide range of companies with their records management needs. Each company is different, with its own requirements, but some industries have an especially acute need for secure document storage services.

About Us

What we do

Each company is unique, and needs a different approach to managing documents. We offer a suite of services to cover your needs. We are Document and File Storage experts. We do Document Storage, Scanning and Digitising of documents for electronic viewing, Shredding of documents, Vault Storage of important data such as DVD's, hard drives and documents and Cloud Storage too.


Our Services

Document Storage
Organise and manage all of your physical records. Easy retrieval services.
Scanning & Digitising
Convert paper documents into electronic formats for instant access.
Safely destroy end of life records - scheduled and one-off services.
Vault Storage
Extra secure, 4 hour fire protected storage for deeds, media and other documents.
Cloud Storage
Get access to documents and data without the hassle by using cloud storage.

Why Choose DFS?

A Reliable Team
Our team of dedicated drivers, warehouse staff and I.T. support professionals manage a huge range of deliveries, collections and other requests every day. We always do what we promise, and go the extra mile for clients.

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A Safe Option
We have invested in an excellent facility and keep stringent standards throughout our processes in managing documents. This has helped us to gain ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification – and keep our client records safe.

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Value, Always
We know that managing cost is vital for your organisation. Our business model is founded on offering a great service for managing documents at a great price. Our team will work out what you need, and the best deal that we can offer.

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Experts in Managing Documents
Founded in 2004, we have years of experience in managing records through a changing market. We can help you asses your options, and decide on the best approach for your organisation.


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